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This is the reason…. May 23, 2012

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What do turkeys like to do on sunny days?  Go on peck-nics!

Our poults are going quick!  If you would like to look at our stock please let me know so I can send pictures.  I do not change the price for people, no matter if your friends or family, it’s just bad business.  The reason we charge $10 for some and $15 for other poults is for several reasons.  We either have an abundance of the poults for $10 that are number one easy to hatch, have high success rates or are simply very young!  The $15 poults are priced because of their breed or age.  For example, we have a very high success rate with broad breasted bronze.  They hatch well, they live up to their potential and they are great to eat (as much as I hate saying that).  Blue Slates and Royal Palms for example are great to have and they are beautiful, but they seem to be harder to hatch.  Once they make it past the first week however they are usually very strong birds.  For this reason, we charge $15 no matter the age of Blue Slates and Royal Palms. 

We hold our birds to a standard.  If the bird is not hatching itself we don’t help it.  We have had more success with our birds when we let them “do their thing!”  I’m not saying we haven’t helped some and had success, I’m saying the ratio of the birds we have helped hatch survivors vs. unfortunate deaths is too incompatible.  I would rather not watch a little one suffer and then have to eat lead so with that said we let them hatch themselves from now on.  With this said, I can tell you about how many of each breed I expect to have but if it gets down to it and the lil feller won’t get out of his shell and perhaps goes off to turkey heaven, I can’t simply go up there and get it for you.  I can’t guarantee that the eggs will hatch, I can’t guarantee that the birds will live forever.  However I can tell you that if you get a bird from us and it dies within 48 hours, I will discard of the dead bird and replace it, free. 

We give each person who buys turkeys from us, experienced or not, a turkey order form that has turkey raising facts and tips.  Our phone number is on this packet and we are available for questions anytime, day or night.  We want our bird to be great for your cause, whatever it may be, and if they are not we want to know about it!  So far, we have had no issues with any of our birds and their new homes, and we don’t want to start now.  


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