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Updated Turkey Quantities and Pricing May 17, 2012

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Q: What sound does a turkey’s phone make?            

A: Wing! Wing!


Black Spanish Turkeys:

  • 1 YOA, Tom, Snowflake 
  • 8 Mths, Hen, Q-Tip
  • 1 week old, unknown until 4 weeks, total of 4 *mixed with Naragansett

Bourbon Red Turkeys:

  • 1 YOA, Hen, Strobe
  • 1 YOA, Hen, Flare
  • 4 weeks old, Hen
  • 4 weeks old, Tom
  • 2 weeks old, unknown until 4 weeks (total of 5)

Nargasette Turkeys:

  • 1 YOA, Tom, Papa Smurf
  • 1 YOA, Hen, Dumplin’

White Royal Palm Turkeys:

Blue Slate Turkeys:

  • 2 YOA, Hen, Taser

Bronze Turkeys

  • 2 YOA, Tom, Big John
  • 2 YOA, Hen, Jolene
  • 2 YOA, Hen, Reba,
  • 2 YOA, Hen, Wynona
  • 4 weeks old, 8 poults total

Mix Breed Turkeys

  • 2 week old, Blue Slate mixed with Bourbon Red, unknown age until 4 weeks, Lucky

Adult birds are priced 40-45$ and poults are priced from 10-15$.  We base our prices on the product, we are not going to sell a bird that is sick or has something wrong with it.  We stand by our birds so if you don’t get what you want let us know and we’ll make it right! 


Our birds are spoiled, they are kept under a heat lamp and pine shavings, and when they are able to go outside, they have their own pin.  Every turkey is checked weekly for any lice or mites.  We also do not expose our birds to any diseases. 



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