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Newest Updates on Poults and Adult Birds for Sale May 5, 2012

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What did the turkey say to the turkey hunter?  “QUACK QUACK QUACK!”

People absolutely love the bronze turkeys.  We have now officially sold turkeys to residents of PA!  We currently have 21 poults for sale, and they are going quick!  Currently the poults are still priced at $10 up until they turn eight weeks and are fully feathered they are priced at $15 each.  Also, my husband wanted me to add that we usually require a deposit to hold a bird(s) but if you have purchased birds from us before, we will waive the deposit, hope this makes it easier.  Since we are waiving the deposit, if you are committed to buy, please hold up your end 🙂 Especially since we tell the lil fellers they are going to a new home and they get so excited, and when you don’t show up, you outta see their sad wittle faces…So disappointing…

Anyways, good news, we had a new lil one hatch out this morning and was taken from the incubator and put in the brooder around lunch time.  He or she is a Blue Slate mixed with a Bourbon Red.  We were unsure how this breed would look.  Lucky, our first hatch was the same and came from the same parents as the lil one listed above.  We will not sell Lucky because she is absolutely beautiful, and not to mention, our first.  But the new one, now that we know how beautiful they are we’d love to share with the rest of the world.  Keeping a Bourbon Red with a Blue Slate may actually be a normal thing for us, but we want to see how well the poults we have right now, sell first.  If you have a request, please let us know.

I’ve never seen such personalities with any animal before either but as soon as our new lil full bred Bourbon Red poult hatched and fluffed up, I was quite surprised when it dropped it’s nubs for wings and tried to be taller than the week old Bronze poults.  We named him “Pretty Boy Swag…”  Don’t ask lol, he just has the right stuff to strut and he knows he is handsome.  We have definitely bonded with out poults as we hold and “love on them” as our daughter Lilly says, every night.  With this being said, I cannot control what happens to them after they leave the Green’s Gobbler Resort, aka, I have no parental rights to them after a sale is made, but do me a favor and do NOT tell me you want to buy a poult or grown turkey to kill.  I wil say yes, I’ve shot a turkey, but with good reason, and these little babies I can’t imagine shooting them.  I understand people want to use them for food and I totally support that, but just don’t tell me that please 🙂  I’m developing a complex I think…


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