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Pricing for birds! April 24, 2012

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Q: Why did the police arrest the turkey? A: They suspected it of fowl play.

I guess I should have posted that we sell our turkeys!  We sold three yesterday, one was Dolly and the other two were not listed but they were sold as well. 


  • Mature Birds (at least 3 months old) – $40 for males and $40 for females
  • Poults (from 1 day old to 2 months old) – $10 for males and $10 for females
  • Incubated eggs near hatch time $7 each
  • Chilled eggs are $3 a dozen

*I do not like selling poults less than a week old to inexperienced buyers.  If you do not know how to take care of the lil ones please ask or wait until they are about 4 weeks old.  If you pay a deposit I will hold your bird for you until you can pick it up around 4 weeks.  Also if you buy a poult less than 4 weeks old it MUST stay under heat.  You can buy a heat lamp at Tractor Supply  for around $20 for the lamp and bulb.  The temperature needs to stay around 88-98 degrees F until the poult is around 4 weeks old.  Also you can keep the poults in a bin of some sort, it doesn’t need to be huge but enough room to sleep, eat and poo not all in the same area, I mean really you wouldn’t want to sleep in your food covered in your waste would ya?  BTW you must keep their bins clean, if they step on their poo it can cause a bacterial infection and kill the lil feller…

In your poult bin, make sure you don’t use slick surfaces for bedding.  DO NOT USE NEWSPAPER!  It will cause leg issues!  Pine shavings is what we use and it works great.  Make sure your poults stay warm and dry and free from predators.  A lot of people prefer to raise their own so they provide the desired amount of attention to the young turkey themselves creating more of a bond.  Other’s want a raised turkey already. Either way, we can make it happen.  Also, we are always available in case you have questions! 


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