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Pricing for birds! April 24, 2012

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Q: Why did the police arrest the turkey? A: They suspected it of fowl play.

I guess I should have posted that we sell our turkeys!  We sold three yesterday, one was Dolly and the other two were not listed but they were sold as well. 


  • Mature Birds (at least 3 months old) – $40 for males and $40 for females
  • Poults (from 1 day old to 2 months old) – $10 for males and $10 for females
  • Incubated eggs near hatch time $7 each
  • Chilled eggs are $3 a dozen

*I do not like selling poults less than a week old to inexperienced buyers.  If you do not know how to take care of the lil ones please ask or wait until they are about 4 weeks old.  If you pay a deposit I will hold your bird for you until you can pick it up around 4 weeks.  Also if you buy a poult less than 4 weeks old it MUST stay under heat.  You can buy a heat lamp at Tractor Supply  for around $20 for the lamp and bulb.  The temperature needs to stay around 88-98 degrees F until the poult is around 4 weeks old.  Also you can keep the poults in a bin of some sort, it doesn’t need to be huge but enough room to sleep, eat and poo not all in the same area, I mean really you wouldn’t want to sleep in your food covered in your waste would ya?  BTW you must keep their bins clean, if they step on their poo it can cause a bacterial infection and kill the lil feller…

In your poult bin, make sure you don’t use slick surfaces for bedding.  DO NOT USE NEWSPAPER!  It will cause leg issues!  Pine shavings is what we use and it works great.  Make sure your poults stay warm and dry and free from predators.  A lot of people prefer to raise their own so they provide the desired amount of attention to the young turkey themselves creating more of a bond.  Other’s want a raised turkey already. Either way, we can make it happen.  Also, we are always available in case you have questions! 


Our New ‘Lil Turklets

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Q: If you call a large turkey a gobbler what do you call a small one? A:    Goblet.

So now, we have 10 little poults!  When I posted the blog yesterday we only had the five.  And honestly we didn’t expect any to hatch today…I was on the phone and all of a sudden I heard some peeping coming from the incubator, aka Inus, yea we named it.  BTW we got the best incubator EVER!  It is a cabinet incubator that has three rows of turning trays and the bottom level stays level but is a hatcher so after the 25 day of incubation you put the eggs down in the hatcher, allowing the little guy or gal get situated and start to pip its way out.  Well, like I said we didn’t have any turkeys that were due to hatch, or so we thought.  Well I maybe I was hearing things, but I checked Inus for the possibility of a ‘lil turklet and found a cute little wet baby turkey lookin’ at me like “get me out of this thing mom!”  So then, I looked close at the batch of eggs that were put in Inus at the same time and low and behold they were all pipping!  Now I have a total of 10, and we think one may be albino! 

Also, we sold Dolly, so she is no longer on the market for other long beards 😉


Our Beginning to Turkeys April 22, 2012

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“What did the mother turkey say to her disobedient children?
If your father could see you now, he’d turn over in his gravy!”

Well, no one would have thought my soon-to-be husband and I would ever raise animals, let alone turkeys.  But he called me one day out of the blue and said “Crystal, you wanna raise turkeys?”  I said well, are you sure?  I know Aaron, and his mind was already made up 🙂 and that is how it started.  Aaron told our daughter Lilly, who is three years old, that we were going to get turkeys, and you should have seen her eyes light up.  Also, Lilly is a great turkey herder 😉

Honestly, raising turkeys, well better go ahead and say it, being a turkey farmer has a lot of perks.  We told our families that if things didn’t work out with them, at least we could shoot ’em and eat ’em…Of course, last resort and besides, falling in love with them now looking back, it would be hard to shoot our “wittle turklets” as I like to call them.

So we, I say we but it was really mostly Aaron went out and bought enough lumber and and employed, well volunteered our family 🙂 and built our turkey pens.  We live in the mountains of NC, so there are endless possibilities to the boogers and varmets that want to eat our tasty little birds so we have to put them up at night.  Eventually I am going to have a turkey photo shoot and put up pictures of our turkeys, but for now I’ll have to just post the type, age, gender, and of course their name.  Each turkey that comes to the Green’s Gobbler Resort (yea I said resort) gets a name, and there is a reason behind the names, they are not just random.

Black Spanish Turkeys: 

  • 1 YOA, Tom, Snowflake  
  • 8 Mths, Jake, Dude
  • 8 Mths, Hen, Dudette

Bourbon Red Turkeys:

  • 1 YOA, Hen, Strobe
  • 1 YOA, Hen, Flare
  • 1 week old, unknown until 4 weeks, Kujo
  • 1 week old, unknown until 4 weeks, Trooper
  • 2 days old, unknown until 4 weeks, Alcatraz
  • 1 day old, unknown until 4 weeks, Surviver

Nargasette Turkeys:

  • 1 YOA, Tom, Papa Smurf
  • 1 YOA, Hen, Dumplin’

White Royal Palm Turkeys:

  • 1.5 YOA, Hen, Midnight

Blue Slate Turkeys:

  • 2 YOA, Hen, Taser

Bronze Turkeys

  • 2 YOA, Tom, Big John
  • 2 YOA, Hen, Jolene
  • 2 YOA, Hen, Dolly,
  • 2 YOA, Hen, June

Mix Breed Turkeys

  • 2 week old, Blue Slate mixed with Bourbon Red, unknown age until 4 weeks, Lucky

Incubating Eggs: around 80 due to hatch by end of May


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