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This is the reason…. May 23, 2012

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What do turkeys like to do on sunny days?  Go on peck-nics!

Our poults are going quick!  If you would like to look at our stock please let me know so I can send pictures.  I do not change the price for people, no matter if your friends or family, it’s just bad business.  The reason we charge $10 for some and $15 for other poults is for several reasons.  We either have an abundance of the poults for $10 that are number one easy to hatch, have high success rates or are simply very young!  The $15 poults are priced because of their breed or age.  For example, we have a very high success rate with broad breasted bronze.  They hatch well, they live up to their potential and they are great to eat (as much as I hate saying that).  Blue Slates and Royal Palms for example are great to have and they are beautiful, but they seem to be harder to hatch.  Once they make it past the first week however they are usually very strong birds.  For this reason, we charge $15 no matter the age of Blue Slates and Royal Palms. 

We hold our birds to a standard.  If the bird is not hatching itself we don’t help it.  We have had more success with our birds when we let them “do their thing!”  I’m not saying we haven’t helped some and had success, I’m saying the ratio of the birds we have helped hatch survivors vs. unfortunate deaths is too incompatible.  I would rather not watch a little one suffer and then have to eat lead so with that said we let them hatch themselves from now on.  With this said, I can tell you about how many of each breed I expect to have but if it gets down to it and the lil feller won’t get out of his shell and perhaps goes off to turkey heaven, I can’t simply go up there and get it for you.  I can’t guarantee that the eggs will hatch, I can’t guarantee that the birds will live forever.  However I can tell you that if you get a bird from us and it dies within 48 hours, I will discard of the dead bird and replace it, free. 

We give each person who buys turkeys from us, experienced or not, a turkey order form that has turkey raising facts and tips.  Our phone number is on this packet and we are available for questions anytime, day or night.  We want our bird to be great for your cause, whatever it may be, and if they are not we want to know about it!  So far, we have had no issues with any of our birds and their new homes, and we don’t want to start now.  


Inus our Incubator! May 19, 2012

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What did the turkey say to the man who tried to shoot it? – Liberty, Equality and Bad aim for all.

Yes, we named our incubator.  We named it Inus because it starts with an “I” and we couldn’t think of a different name that started with an “I” that would be good enough 🙂

All jokes aside, this incubator deserves props.  When Aaron and I started doing this we both agreed, the big birds were his and the little ones were mine.  But honestly, we both do as much work as the other on both…So we started looking at the typical Styrofoam incubators and heard horror stories about them…Needless to say my wonderful smart husband got on the Internet and searched it for a reputable source for an incubator that was going to not only work now, but be dependable for the future!  And what did he find????  Dickey’s Incubators…

The owner of Dickey’s Incubators is out of GA and is not only a genius, but a very dependable man when you have questions at the end of the day or early in the morning.  We got the incubator that has three turning tables and the bottom is a hatcher.  It has an electronic thermostat and a back-up wafer in case for some reason the electronic goes out, which rarely happens.  It also has forced air coming from the back and a great thermometer and humidity status reading in the front where the window is.  The next part is Gee-Wizz knowledge just in case you are new to incubating…If you know what your doing skip this part…Hatching turkey eggs are somewhat difficult.  Eggs must be kept at a steady temperature.  Too hot or too cold can cause the baby turkey to die.  Eggs also need to have constant steady humidity.  This enables the poult inside to get moisture and not dry up, but be careful, too much and the poult may drown inside of his shell!  And that would suck…bad!  Dickey’s Incubators, or Inus as we call him, has a tray on top where the fan blows in that regulates our humidity at 65-70% humidity.  (Some will argue that the humidity we keep ours at is low, don’t want to jinx us but it is working pretty good for us).  Inus is also equipped with three turning trays.  This allows the eggs to sit comfortably inside their little tray and be automatically rotated every two hours.  This helps the poults inside remain on one side then on the other to prevent “sticking” which also sounds like it would suck!  The hatcher in Inus is in the very bottom.  I was concerned at first about cold spots in Inus but we have had great success using this incubator!  It is important to well how do I put this nicely, “LEAVE THE EGGS ALONE!”  I’ve ruined several eggs because I wanted to be a poult mommy and candle every egg to see what was inside instead of being patient, thus I’m a poult murderer. 

The owner also who makes the incubators is probably one of the nicest people we’ve dealt with while doing turkeys.  We honestly had NO IDEA where to start with baby turkeys.  We ordered the incubator, it came in the mail two days later, and then I called the owner and said HELP!  HOW DO I DO THIS!  And he honestly walked me through the set-up, and everything else that I had questions on, he was never bothered to answer my quesitons, and lets face it, I’m a ditz.  This is his website:

Honestly, bottom line, this incubator has made all the difference.  If we didn’t have Inus, we wouldn’t have baby turkeys.  Period.  Moral of the story is: if your going to do something, do it right! 



Updated Turkey Quantities and Pricing May 17, 2012

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Q: What sound does a turkey’s phone make?            

A: Wing! Wing!


Black Spanish Turkeys:

  • 1 YOA, Tom, Snowflake 
  • 8 Mths, Hen, Q-Tip
  • 1 week old, unknown until 4 weeks, total of 4 *mixed with Naragansett

Bourbon Red Turkeys:

  • 1 YOA, Hen, Strobe
  • 1 YOA, Hen, Flare
  • 4 weeks old, Hen
  • 4 weeks old, Tom
  • 2 weeks old, unknown until 4 weeks (total of 5)

Nargasette Turkeys:

  • 1 YOA, Tom, Papa Smurf
  • 1 YOA, Hen, Dumplin’

White Royal Palm Turkeys:

Blue Slate Turkeys:

  • 2 YOA, Hen, Taser

Bronze Turkeys

  • 2 YOA, Tom, Big John
  • 2 YOA, Hen, Jolene
  • 2 YOA, Hen, Reba,
  • 2 YOA, Hen, Wynona
  • 4 weeks old, 8 poults total

Mix Breed Turkeys

  • 2 week old, Blue Slate mixed with Bourbon Red, unknown age until 4 weeks, Lucky

Adult birds are priced 40-45$ and poults are priced from 10-15$.  We base our prices on the product, we are not going to sell a bird that is sick or has something wrong with it.  We stand by our birds so if you don’t get what you want let us know and we’ll make it right! 


Our birds are spoiled, they are kept under a heat lamp and pine shavings, and when they are able to go outside, they have their own pin.  Every turkey is checked weekly for any lice or mites.  We also do not expose our birds to any diseases. 



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Eat Ham May 5, 2012

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Eat Ham


Newest Updates on Poults and Adult Birds for Sale

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What did the turkey say to the turkey hunter?  “QUACK QUACK QUACK!”

People absolutely love the bronze turkeys.  We have now officially sold turkeys to residents of PA!  We currently have 21 poults for sale, and they are going quick!  Currently the poults are still priced at $10 up until they turn eight weeks and are fully feathered they are priced at $15 each.  Also, my husband wanted me to add that we usually require a deposit to hold a bird(s) but if you have purchased birds from us before, we will waive the deposit, hope this makes it easier.  Since we are waiving the deposit, if you are committed to buy, please hold up your end 🙂 Especially since we tell the lil fellers they are going to a new home and they get so excited, and when you don’t show up, you outta see their sad wittle faces…So disappointing…

Anyways, good news, we had a new lil one hatch out this morning and was taken from the incubator and put in the brooder around lunch time.  He or she is a Blue Slate mixed with a Bourbon Red.  We were unsure how this breed would look.  Lucky, our first hatch was the same and came from the same parents as the lil one listed above.  We will not sell Lucky because she is absolutely beautiful, and not to mention, our first.  But the new one, now that we know how beautiful they are we’d love to share with the rest of the world.  Keeping a Bourbon Red with a Blue Slate may actually be a normal thing for us, but we want to see how well the poults we have right now, sell first.  If you have a request, please let us know.

I’ve never seen such personalities with any animal before either but as soon as our new lil full bred Bourbon Red poult hatched and fluffed up, I was quite surprised when it dropped it’s nubs for wings and tried to be taller than the week old Bronze poults.  We named him “Pretty Boy Swag…”  Don’t ask lol, he just has the right stuff to strut and he knows he is handsome.  We have definitely bonded with out poults as we hold and “love on them” as our daughter Lilly says, every night.  With this being said, I cannot control what happens to them after they leave the Green’s Gobbler Resort, aka, I have no parental rights to them after a sale is made, but do me a favor and do NOT tell me you want to buy a poult or grown turkey to kill.  I wil say yes, I’ve shot a turkey, but with good reason, and these little babies I can’t imagine shooting them.  I understand people want to use them for food and I totally support that, but just don’t tell me that please 🙂  I’m developing a complex I think…


Pricing for birds! April 24, 2012

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Q: Why did the police arrest the turkey? A: They suspected it of fowl play.

I guess I should have posted that we sell our turkeys!  We sold three yesterday, one was Dolly and the other two were not listed but they were sold as well. 


  • Mature Birds (at least 3 months old) – $40 for males and $40 for females
  • Poults (from 1 day old to 2 months old) – $10 for males and $10 for females
  • Incubated eggs near hatch time $7 each
  • Chilled eggs are $3 a dozen

*I do not like selling poults less than a week old to inexperienced buyers.  If you do not know how to take care of the lil ones please ask or wait until they are about 4 weeks old.  If you pay a deposit I will hold your bird for you until you can pick it up around 4 weeks.  Also if you buy a poult less than 4 weeks old it MUST stay under heat.  You can buy a heat lamp at Tractor Supply  for around $20 for the lamp and bulb.  The temperature needs to stay around 88-98 degrees F until the poult is around 4 weeks old.  Also you can keep the poults in a bin of some sort, it doesn’t need to be huge but enough room to sleep, eat and poo not all in the same area, I mean really you wouldn’t want to sleep in your food covered in your waste would ya?  BTW you must keep their bins clean, if they step on their poo it can cause a bacterial infection and kill the lil feller…

In your poult bin, make sure you don’t use slick surfaces for bedding.  DO NOT USE NEWSPAPER!  It will cause leg issues!  Pine shavings is what we use and it works great.  Make sure your poults stay warm and dry and free from predators.  A lot of people prefer to raise their own so they provide the desired amount of attention to the young turkey themselves creating more of a bond.  Other’s want a raised turkey already. Either way, we can make it happen.  Also, we are always available in case you have questions!